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Dixon is 3/4 Vietnamese and a 1/4 German. And 100% hot! Personally, I think he looks Polynesian. I picture him on the beach in Maui with a surfboard in his hand and sand in his hair. He is kind of a shy but clearly spends a lot of time working out. He´s got amazing abs, a bubble butt and banana-shaped dick. So fans of the Cascading Slope will be very pleased. Dixon is into blond, blue-eyed girls, which I have a lot of in my DVD collection, so he was way into the porn I provided him. It took me a bit a to draw him out of his shell, but his cumshot is spot on, and I do believe he is up for a dick sucking!
He´s young and full of cum, and his name´s Brenden Bangs! This guy´s a total stud. We´re sure you´ve seen on him on our other sites, getting sucked, or fucking our other models, but if you haven´t then this fine NextDoorMale scene will be a great way to get introduced to this young hunk. First you get to watch him shave and jump in the shower. Then as his dick hardens, he´ll take himself into the living room where you unloads his tight balls in a massive shooting orgasm all over his chiseled abs. Enjoy!
Role: versatile; gay; 25 Years; 5'10"; 150lbs; Cock: 7"; from Praha
Interests: Clubs, meeting friends, swimming
20 years from Berlin-Kreuzberg Role: active, bi 5'9", 152 lbs Cock: 7" Hobbies: Sports, Football and swimming Frequents: Berghain, Horst Krzbrg
Oh, how I do so love an innocent local guy who’s simply been dying to get his clothes off for the cameras! Yes, young Doug is just such a treasure… straight, perhaps curious, but oh so eager to get his rock solid uncut meat out and up for the entire world to see. But beneath that hard-man exterior lies a fella wanting to be admired… and man, is he worth some admiration or what! Quite simply, gorgeous Doug is a Plymouth lad through and through. He’s got that cavalier, “come what may” attitude that just makes you want to be bold and make a pass, but then he also has that “look but don’t touch” edge about him. And to be honest, it’s just that borderline invite that makes such guys so horny and attractive! Straight, curious, bi or gay? Well, he may be all 4 for all we know, but it’s that curiosity that makes me so very, very hungry for more! All I can say is the way he strips, gets hard and beats that lovely uncut meat just makes me go weak at the knees… but hey, at least I have something very hard to grab hold of, if you know what I mean ;-)
Marco is fairly new to the world of porn, having just done one shoot before, however if he had any nerves he didn´t show them. When he arrived for the shoot he was keen to get straight down to business. He wore casual grey jogging pants and a hooded top and vest. Soon the top and vest was pulled off to reveal a nice, slim, smooth body. As he played with his nipples and with his cock down his pants it was clear that this was one very horny chav lad! After teasing for a while, with his pants pulled down slightly, Marco then got naked and showed us his fantastic 8-inch uncut piece of meat. He jerked off, whilst from time to time, lubing up his dick with his spit. He also drunk a bottle of lager as he pleaured himself.
Dante is of Portuguese descent but he definitely has a Italian vibe to him. At 30 he is starting his life all over again, and is looking for any opportunity that will get him back on his feet again. Around here though, it usually means getting your feet in the air. He is very straight, but when it comes to money, right now, he willing to try anything. He´s a smart polite guy, who I has fallen hard for a British girl who he is trying to get residency in America. Talk about a long distance relationship! I hope it works out ´cuz you can tell he is really sweet on her. His cumshot is amazing, as his load shoots 2 feet into the air. What first appears to be mud slide turned out to be a geyser!
Role: versatile; gay; 21 Years; 6'0"; 161lbs; Cock: 7"; from Praha
Interests: swimming, reading, travelling, cooking
22 years from Berlin-Wedding Role: active, bi 5'10", 165 lbs Cock: 8" Hobbies: Sports, Dancing Frequents: Berghain, Gym
Rolle: aktiv, hetero 172 cm, 65 kg Schwanz: 17 x 4 cm Hobbys: frauen, tanzen, ausgehen Treffpunkte: Fitnesscenter, Privatparties
Rodrigo is 21 years of age and curretly living in Berlin. He originally hails from Brazil, is very open minded, friendly and hot as hell. He has a nice uncut cock, thats big enough to make you jump with joy if you love a boycock up your ass and a nice bubble butt to match.
Tim called up to see about doing another shoot. Clearly, he´s gotten a lot more relaxed about getting naked on camera since he´s now initiating the next move (or movie, as it may be). Tim said that he had never used a sex toy before, but when he heard about the Flesh Light he seemed pretty anxious to try it out. He´s definitely got a big enough dick to fill it up nicely. It took a minute for Tim to get his groove on, but after lubing up and shoving his cock inside he was even suggesting positions he wanted to try! His fave? Bracing it against the couch so he could pound his hips into it. After laying back and busting a nut onto his stomach, Tim said he liked the Flesh Light so much that he asked if he could take it home with him. But what was his girlfriend going to think if she finds it? Tim laughs, "She´s going to be jealous."
GalleryDakota & Steve
Steven is best-known as the bucking bronco-riding rodeo cowboy who found fame on TV’s “Big Brother,” but today he’s riding the big dick of Dakota Rivers. The two tall and toned men are hard and ready to go before the pants come off. Steven keeps flashing his bedroom eyes at Dakota while blowing him, making it harder and harder to resist pillaging his sweet ass. Dakota manages to control himself long enough to throat Steven’s beautiful cock and eat his ass, but lust gets the best of him as he soon finds himself balls deep in Steven’s hole. Steven shows us that he hasn’t lost his talent of riding that Texas long horn and takes every inch that Dakota gives him, never losing that trademark wink and smile… even when he´s covered in two loads of cum. Cocksure Men delivers!
23 years from Berlin Wedding Role: active, straight 6'1", 196 lbs Cock: 7" Hobbies: Fitness, Rugby, Travelling Frequents: Kino, Junction Bar
GalleryMarek M.
Role: versatile; gay; 21 Years; 6'0"; 158lbs; from Praha
Interests: swimming, reading, travelling, cooking
22 years from Berlin Role: versatile, bi 6'1", 143 lbs Cock: 7" Hobbies: reading, swimming, fitness Frequents: About Blank, Cafe November

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