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Billy is a real studfrom head to toe. He is flexing his muscles for you and shows his good stuff. Although he is straight, he realy renjoys the shoot and the attention he is getting. Oh what a nasty little wanker!
Emil is 20 years of age and he hails from Vraca in Bulgaria. He currently lives in Berlin and is working at a Bar. Although he is straight, he is open to try sex with another Boy - and we`ll surely get to see more of him very soon...
Sometimes a guy comes along and you simply cannot work them out! The totally hot Justin is just one such example - by day he works hard in a 9 to 5 white collar job, trying to save for the medical degree he’s dreamed of for so many years. But by night (like most guys in their early twenty’s) he’s a super sexy and very horny fella who’s tearing up the dance floors in and around Liverpool! And when asked why he applied to model, he simply replied ‘spur of the moment’… I do so love impulsive cuties like Justin!
22 years from Berlin Pankow Role: active, straight 5'11", 165 lbs Cock: 7" Hobbies: sports, fitness training Frequents: Fitnesscenter, private parties, Berghain
I would like to introduce you all to Merritt who is our newest Fratmen and he is a wonder to look at with his charming smile and lean muscular features. He has a Beautiful Beach Body with very little body hair and fantastic features which include his big dick and ripped Ab´s. In his photos and video you can watch him as he gets up to the sunrise with a Stiff Cock and a warm shower. Come join us over at Fratmen.TV and check out Merritt. Don´t forget to download his content below.
GalleryTeo & Vance
This video will certainly go down as a bit more memorable...It´s the one with the guy with a cast on his arm/hand! Vance was scheduled to do a shoot, but then had a run in with a wall or somone, I´m not entirely sure. As usual, the model really needed the money, and I thought, how the heck can I shoot around an arm in a cast? Simple. Don´t! The vid was scheduled about 4 days from when he did it, so assuming he wasn´t hurting, I figured we could do the shoot and as I said, it certainly would be memorable. Teo had all kinds of ideas, like wearing a nurses outfit, giving him a sponge bath, etc. Clearly I´m all about getting down to business and not into acting and scenes, but Teo had us both laughing with his goofy ideas. But we did run with Teo doing all the work, while Vance sat back and enjoyed. Vance is right-handed so he really couldn´t even work his own dick. This video is a bit shorter than normal. Vance´s hand was throbbing and he was having to keep it elevated. After fucking in a couple positions, both boys were ready to nut anyway. You gotta give Vance props for jacking-off left handed (I sure can´t), and again the two nut together, making a giant pool of sticky spooge!
GalleryIvan & Dominik
Ivan Rueda - Role: versatile, gay 5'9", 143 lbs Cock: 7" Hobbies: gym, snowboarding Frequents: Berghain Dominik Swoboda - Role: versatile, bi 5'9", 132 lbs Cock: 7" Hobbies: sports, videogames, dvd, chating Frequents: Berghain, Flax
GalleryJesse & Robbie
OK, so we’ve decided to make an exception for this Sunday’s release and somehow I don’t think anyone’s going to complain! You see, normally the guys only get one chance to get their hands on each other’s hot bodies and big dicks, but when Jesse agreed to go further and fuck a fella for the first time he insisted it should be with Robbie. I guess both guys really enjoyed their dildo making shoot together because Robbie was equally as keen to take things further with Jesse… happy days!
Check out Weston our southern Fratmen with the Nice Plump Ass and Big Dick. Weston´s smile alone will keep you coming back for more but his physical assets are enough to make you dream. His washboard abs and lean body combined with his nice cut cock are a wonder.
Even though Ian was just a little nervous (what with this being the first time he had ever jacked off in front of cameras) I can only say that he was a total joy to work with. His cock grew to its spectacular, fullest length real quick and there was Ian smiling away and eager to please! This perfect specimen of young manhood was focused on working his big hard cock for me and you like a true professional… and as he played away and the camera’s rolled, I just couldn’t stop thinking how totally gorgeous he was in every single way possible ;-) Grabbing the lube, Ian jolted me out of my dream-like state and soaked his perfect 8 ½ inch uncut dick with the stuff. His stroking became even more sensual and he was soon playing with his whole body and those equally impressive great big balls! This fella was going in to overdrive as he worked himself closer and closer to orgasm and he was taking me with him! And just as he was about to cum his cock swelled even bigger… and then spurted a hot creamy load :-) Now, because of my infatuation with Ian I’ve added a special 12 minute bonus film to this update too! And by the time you watch the main feature and the bonus footage you’ll completely understand why I still can’t decide if its lust, love or awe I’m feeling for this terrific guy!!!
23 years from Berlin. Role: versatile, gay 6'0", 150 lbs Cock: 7" Hobbies: sports, party Frequents: Gym, Private Parties, Berghain
Role: versatile; bi; 19 Years; 5'10"; 154lbs; from Praha
Interests: sports, reading
Role: versatile, gay 5'11", 136 lbs Cock: 7" Hobbies: music, sex, travelling, photos Frequents: Flax, Haus B
GalleryClay & Will
So Clay said he would fuck a dude. He figured he could play with a guy´s dick, but oral was still out of the question. And Will just wants a big dick in his ass, and Clay is packin´ so it´s a perfect match. I left a few parts where Clay wants to know what is ok to try. It´s cute. Clay is hot fucker and Will can really take it, relishing every moment. Clay literally fucks the cum out of Will. Now, you might remember during Clay´s Serviced scene he loved forcing his cock down my throat to make sure I ate every drop. Will said he would give it a try, and actually thought he might be able really show off the cum afterwards. When I did, it just went down the hatch. So we laid Will down, and Clay got as close as he could and just pumped a giant load into Will´s gullet. We are talking one major load! Unbelievable actually! You can even hear Clay say "Fuuck" as Will regurgitates it out of the back of his throat! It´s NUTTY!
I knew Nash had done some goofing around with dudes (mostly receiving head), so I figured he wouldn´t be too nervous and Sebastian could easily come in and give him some good head. When a really hot guy like Nash "volunteers" for a Serviced video, and I get one of the other models to do the blow job, I watch with envy. Sebastian, who is indeed straight, is likely not enjoying giving the blow job as much as you and I would! Still, Sebastain does a great job, and even though a video just aired with him, I suspect it´s nice to not see my head bobbing up and down. And really, these videos are all about the dude getting sucked. And Nash delivers! Nash has a dirty mouth! It´s dang hard to get these boys to talk and make noise, but Nash delivers realistically and perfectly. He IS getting into having someone suck his dick! I also love being able to move around and get some better angles, and I coudn´t resist having Nash do push-ups into Sebastian´s mouth. This a damn hot Serviced video!
GalleryPavol T.
Role: passive; gay; 18 Years; 5'11"; 141lbs; from Praha
Interests: Reading, Movies, Meeting Friends

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