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GalleryMicky & Antonio
Micky - Role: versatile; bi; 19 Years; 5'9"; 134lbs; from Praha
Interests: smoking, drinking caffee, sports, music
Antonio - Role: active; bi; 20 Years; 6'2"; 150lbs; from Offenbach am Main
Interests: boxing, jogging, sex
Role: versatile, bi
5'9", 132 lbs
Cock: 7"
Hobbies: sports, videogames, dvd, chatting
Frequents: Berghain, Flax
So check out Grady, he is the new addition at Fratmen.TV. This Freckled Fraternity Man has it going on. Nice ass, legs, and his washboard abs make you go crazy and lets not forget about his nice big cock that just looks so good. And he sure knows how to play with that thing as well, the videos are great show all angles of this fit young man.
Devin didn´t seem too opposed to joining the team to do "more.´ But with the economy tanking, I was trying to get my current set of guys gigs with each other, keeping them busy and afloat. So I kind of forgot that Devin had indicated he wanted to do more. A month or so later I started editing his video, and I realized just how hot this guy was, and how tastey his curvey cock is. Sometimes I decide to do the oral video,based on how they jack off. I know my tricks will work. Or if they will allow rimming. I figure if they say no to rimming, I I just have one of the straight guys do the blow job, ´cuz most just can´t bring themselves to eat another dude´s hole out. Devin had a great "head intensive" jack-off technique, that I could work with. I liked his hairy asshole, and he wasn´t opposed to being rimmed. But when we got down to doing the rimming, he was pretty rigid, and I struggled to get some good footage. I dont think he didn´t like (he sure stayed hard) I just dont think he knew what to do. But overall, this is a solid Serviced video. He starts off watching a lot of TV and then slowly succumbs to the oral sensations. Devin was a bit of stealth cummer as I thought he was only just getting there, but next thing I knew I had globs of DNA going down my throat. It splats out with a satisfying sound. Anyway, Devin says he will receive oral and top a dude. A somewhat narrow starting point, but it would be cool to see him in action. And who knows, many of the guys just keep trying new things!
Role: active; straight; 22 Years; 5'11"; 165lbs; from Berlin
Interests: sports, gym, dancing
GalleryMicky & Till
Till - Role: versatile, gay 6'0", 139 lbs Cock: 6" Hobbies: music, bars, concerts Frequents: GMF, Berghain Micky - Role: versatile, bi 5'9", 134 lbs Cock: 7" Hobbies: smoking, sports, music Frequents: Flax, Berio
Chaosmen writes: Well, it´s true, I don´t seem to have that many African American dudes on the site. So I was super pleased when Mica approached me about doing gigs. He´s done work elsewhere, so he was relaxed and ready to go. I try to encourage energy and for the guys just to crazy, so I think it´s nice to see him really beat his meat with wild abandon. He seems up for more work, and I do believe there is a blow job in his future.
GalleryAdam & Jad
Well, this pairing may not come as a surprise to those that frequent the forum – it was asked for there and so how could I possibly say “no” to such an excellent suggestion? And yes, I did leak the fact that it was in the can and since then the recorded tapes have been burning a hole in the desk! Too hot to delay any further, we thought it was about time this marathon fuck was released for all to enjoy… let’s hope you guys have as much fun watching it as they did making it! Jed leans in for the first kiss and they strip themselves of jeans and boxers within minutes, both keen to touch and explore each other’s hot bods! Jed is first to taste cock and he devours Adam’s delicious dick with passion. Switching roles, Adam’s experienced and hungry mouth roams from uncut cock to mouth, then to Jed’s sweet ring. He tickles that eager hole with his tongue, then slowly enters pushing it just inside! Oh, and somewhere in the middle the guys enjoy a fantastic 69 ;-) With both guys more than ready to fuck, Jed stands and Adam enters from behind… and he’s soon thrusting his meat in and out with abandon! They make their way back to the bed and Adam ploughs his fat cock deeper inside Jed. They change position again so they can face, kiss and watch each other and the added intensity puts Jed into a world of ecstasy! He’s the first to send his jizz flying while his ass is filled with cock and Adam quickly follows with his own spectacular load :-) Oh, there’s also a nice 4 minute bonus film with this one too!
This weeks guy Dustin is a beautiful sight. He has a great beach tan which accents his wash board stomach and a nice long cock that will keep you coming back for more. He also sports some freckles which give him a very distinct look compared to others and makes him one hunk of a fratmen.
Danny is a str8 footballer from Blackpool, now 19 and on his second shoot he was brave enough to introduce one of his mates to us! He is all smiles and this cheeky chap likes the idea he can strip and show off his body. He has very hairy legs, smooth chest and a cock that rises up once stroked a few times! When Danny is on his back he lifts his legs to show off his hole, though its only just visible amongst all those hairs! After a chilled out session of stroking he lies back and dumps his load in his pubes and on his abs.
27 years from Berlin Friedrichshain Role: active, gay 5'8", 119 lbs Cock: 7" Hobbies: sex, computer Frequents: Berghain, International
Our update this week is Pledge Class 6 and includes one of Fratmen´s all-stars and feature Fratpad resident Chase. he has a great picture set that shows off his burly chest and legs and man what a cock.
This video starts off in a very sexy way. Davin managed to lose his boxers during the photoshoot, so was ended up going commando for the video. His cock is quite substantial and was peeking out through a rip in his jeans, while he nervously wobbled his leg around during the interview. His dick is pretty big and it never seems to get totally hard during the shoot. He has a different jack off technique - more of reverse grip that is actually pulling on his dick, rather than pushing or jacking it. I like Davin. He is married, but seems keen on doing more work (for the money of course!) He is definitely got that whole brutally handsome thing going on, and that thick cock sold me on him. He is not the typical gym god that other sites seem to dish out. He seems to be ready for an oral video so stay tuned!
26 years from Berlin Friedrichshain
Role: passive, gay
6'0", 169 lbs
Cock: 7"
Hobbies: fisting, spanking, cbt
Frequents: GMF, Berghain
GalleryDominik + Till
Dominik: Role: versatile; bi; 21 Years; 5'9"; 132lbs
Interests: sports, videogames, dvd, chatting
Till: Role: versatile; gay; 18 Years; 6'0"; 139lbs
Interests: music, bars, concerts, musical
GalleryCole & Shay
This weeks update brings together two of our favorite, Fratmen Cole and Shay. They can be seen in the shower and bed showing off there lean bodies and sculpted midsections all while playing with and grabbing each others huge cocks.

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