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Christopher & Tommy at Blake Mason

Well, seeing as both Tommy’s and then Christopher’s solo films went down so great with all of you at home I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and invite them both back for a duo! And it’s a scorcher of a film that we simply couldn’t edit down below 34 minutes… so grab yourself a beer (or cup of tea) loosen your belt and unzip your jeans before they get too tight ;-) Super hot Christopher and the equally gorgeous Tommy are here just for you and you can tell right from the start that these guys are a match made in heaven! Things kick off very nicely indeed with some passionate kissing, touching and rolling around on the bed as the guys quickly undress each other. Tommy gets a mouthful first and expertly works Christopher’s uncut cock while receiving a thorough fingering! The roles reverse and Christopher greedily sucks Tommy until his dick is as hard as rock… then both guys take turns in rimming the other, with Christopher riding Tommy’s tongue before he buries his head deep into Tommy’s crack... Once Christopher’s dick is deep inside that tight, warm hole he’s in a world of his own – but Tommy’s not complaining – in fact, just the opposite ;-) Both guys are having the time of their lives and are very vocal - Tommy’s moans, gasps, and whispers of encouragement prove he’s loving every thrust and grind! Having built up a real sweat, Christopher needs a break and so Tommy takes charge and rides the length of those seven inches, slamming himself down just as hard as Christopher thrusts upward! But Christopher somehow needed to show who was boss for the finale and so Tommy ends up on his back… both fix their gaze on each other and Tommy knows he won’t last much longer, giving Christopher even more reason to go wild ;-) With wanton demands and encouragement from each other Tommy’s soon shooting jet after jet of hot jizz with Christopher still deep inside him, and well... these two men sure end up sticky!
Christopher & Tommy
Christopher Tommy 001
Christopher Tommy 002
Christopher Tommy 003
Christopher Tommy 004
Christopher Tommy 005
Christopher Tommy 006
Christopher Tommy 007
Christopher Tommy 008
Christopher Tommy 009
Christopher Tommy 010
Christopher Tommy 011
Christopher Tommy 012

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